Following 10 years of enhancing golf days with hole in one prizes, and many more building strong and successful working relationships, Karen decided to branch out on her own. With a passion for focusing on excellent customer service, Karen has incorporated some of the fantastic companies that she met along the way in her golf career to become a bespoke advisory service, for golf day organisers. 

Karen, a former Manager of Golf at Worldwide Hole ’N One Ltd, prize indemnity insurance company, started as a non-golfer. Her background is a creative one in fashion. Working in her younger years in Visual Merchandising at Harrods of Knightsbridge, and then with denim giants Levis Strauss UK Ltd for 17 years as a Franchisee. It’s here, that she learned quickly what makes a business successful. Hard work, great communication, determination and always looking for the innovative approach.

Now, with a variety of golf clients from charities to corporates, fundraisers, golf clubs, event managers and many from the automotive industry, she has built up unique insight into prizes and what makes a great golf day. Combining these with a fashion influence; which certainly comes through in the company ethos, Golf Day Gloss is here for you. Whether you are a Pro golfer, or even a non-golfer!

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